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Maintain The Shine Of Your Engagement Ring

Your magnificent engagement ring is proof that you were proposed to. Although it takes more time and effort than you might imagine, it is possible to make fine jewelry. The engagement ring is the most pricey and significant item of jewelry a woman will ever own. It makes sense if you want to wear it constantly. But there are times when it makes sense to take your ring off. The ring is safe and the metal and stone are preserved when removed.

Engagement rings, for instance, should be taken off when working with harsh chemicals. This includes activities like swimming, housecleaning, and even taking a shower because some body washes might be dangerous. Another smart move is to take off your ring before bed. While some believe you should sleep with it on all the time, there are various drawbacks. It pulls hair, catches on pillows and other objects, and over time it gathers sweat and grease.

Remember that your beautiful ring is fine jewelry and should be treated with respect. Consider getting a plate, a tray, a jewelry box with fabric inside, or even a tiny pillow to keep it safe. There are a ton of storage solutions you can buy to keep your ring secure. As a reminder to take it out before using cleaning products, place one option in your bedroom and another in the kitchen.

How should you treat your ring when washing your hands? It should be fine to leave the ring on while washing if you’re using a mild soap. Cleaning at home should actually only require a little dish soap and warm water. Check the ring for any hand sanitizer residue. Over time, the ring may become dull and discolored due to ingredients in some antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. The sanitizer may cause the prongs on your setting to become loose, enabling the stone to fall out.

This brings us to our second and most crucial piece of advice: regularly inspect and adjust the prongs. While cleaning it or before a big night out, carefully inspect the ring to see if its condition has altered. If you have any questions, you could bring it to a jeweler for a professional evaluation. Some businesses offer a yearly “prong check” for nothing or very little money. While you’re at the jeweler, have your magnificent engagement ring professionally cleaned to help keep it looking its best.

Your priceless possession’s lifespan will be increased if you follow a program for caring for it. Additional maintenance guidelines and a detailed cleaning instruction manual are available in the next resource.

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