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Reasons to Hire a Second Wedding Photographer

You want to pull out all the stops for the wedding. You may consider getting a second photographer for your special ceremony. Having another set of eyes to take photos may prove beneficial to give you a different perspective on your day. Here are some reasons to hire a second wedding photographer.

Perfect for Capturing the Bridesmaids and Groomsman

When you have wedding photographers for your special day, it gives you a better range. One person taking all of the pictures can’t snap everything. Having two photographers can help cover ground.

If you have a time when the groomsman and bridesmaids congregate in separate areas before the wedding ceremony, it’s a great time to take candid shots. You can have a male photographer get the essence of the groomsman, and a woman photographer captures the beauty of the ladies.

It’ll provide a unique dynamic that looks great in your wedding book. It’s always nice to have a second photographer equally talented get shots you probably wouldn’t have because a single photographer can’t be in two places at once.

Assign Different Roles

You might have someone who’s a bit more by the book and captures the formal moments of the wedding to a tee. You can have the first photographer do the photography in the morning before everything kicks off and during the wedding ceremony.

The second photographer can take pictures of the wedding reception from the speeches, the cake cutting, and dancing. This way, you have two different perspectives to focus on each photographer’s strengths.

Also, it helps one photographer take care of the big moments that people want to see. The other photographer can take pictures of the more fun and unique characteristics that bring more personality to your images.

The combined effort of two photographers allows them to get the small and large details of the wedding for a better photo range.

Great for Backup

You never know what can happen on such a hectic day. Sometimes equipment can malfunction, or accidents happen. When you have a second lensman, you can troubleshoot different things. They may use the same equipment or even work together as teammates for a company.

Whether they need to change the lens, get another tripod, or something else occurs, they’re more prepared to adapt to the situation. It’ll help your wedding run smoothly in case of any mishaps.

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